SQL (Structured Query Language) is a programming language used for managing and manipulating relational databases. It is a standardized language that allows users to define, manipulate, and query data stored in a database system.

         ·         Basic SQL queries (SELECT, FROM, WHERE,ORDER BY, GROUP BY)

         ·         Data manipulation language (DML) statements (INSERT, UPATE, DELETE)

         ·         Data definition language (DDL) statements (CREATE,ALTER,DROP)

         ·         Joins (INNER JOIN, OUTER JON, CROSS JOIN)

         ·         Subqueries and correlated subqueries

         ·         Aggregation functions (SUM, AVG, COUNT, MAX, MIN)

         ·         Constraints (PRIMARY KEY, FOREIGN KEY, UNIQUE CHECK)

         ·         Indexes

         ·         Views

         ·         Transactions and ACID properties

         ·         Tiggers

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