DevOps with AWS
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DevOps can be interpreted as a highly advanced enterprise software development phrase. It mainly focuses towards maintaining lean & agile relation between the development and operation units of an enterprise. Achieving continuous software delivery & enhanced profit margins have become quite a lot easier through DevOps strategic applications.

DevOps technology helps in the creation of synergies for providing fast and better software solution. This is the reason why there is such a high colossal demand for the certified experts in DevOps across the IT & Corporate platforms.

DevOps Training will surely make you become proficient and deploy the DevOps principles and various tools in a software enterprise. This training helps the individuals to understand the way of communication, collaborate and automation of key processes and systems.

About the Course

Recent IT DevOps Training is delivered by Industry Veterans in a comprehensive manner and real-time practice scenarios. Our main aim is to reach goals, objectives and vocabulary of DevOps technology with certain values and principles. DevOps automation practices and technology considerations can be faced with certain challenges, risks and critical success factors.

In our Online DevOps Training, Expertise delivers Industry-Centric methodologies are mainly used to grab 100% subject knowledge to face Industry Challenges in an easy manner. DevOps Online Training sessions will also cover various applications knowledge in Bash/Python basics and understand the security for Infrastructure. Students can enhance subject skills in various DevOps tools such as Puppet, Nagios, Jenkins and GIT etc. Certification is provided at the end of DevOps Online Training so that Industry Challenges could be resolved with the best and high effective solution.

What will you learn in this Online DevOps Training session?

Upon completion of DevOps Online Training course modules, aspirants will acquire below subject knowledge as per IT Industry requirements,

 Leverages skills in Introduction to DevOps concepts and its needs

 Installation and configuration of various common infrastructure servers

 Enhances skills in Deploying key DevOps tools such as Puppet, Nagios, Chef and Ansible etc

 Deploying Infrastructure as code for server management

 Understanding knowledge level in virtualization and performance fine tuning

 Setting up of right security for entire infrastructure

Who can take Online DevOps Training?

There are incredible DevOps career opportunities to boost Organizational revenues in current It Industry. These DevOps practice sessions are here to improve the reliability and maintainability to the entire production environment.

Online DevOps Training in Recent IT will provide great benefits for the following roles such as

 Software Developers

 Technical Project Managers


 Operations support

 Freshers or Graduates


What are the Pre-Requisites of DevOps with AWS Course?

Anybody who wants to make a career in DevOps field can take Online DevOps Training there is no particular beneficial of any basic knowledge.

Why to learn DevOps with AWS technology?

There are huge Employment opportunities after Online DevOps Training for long times of development and operations teams to boost Organizational revenues. In the coming days, the lot of DevOps changes are happening in the forward-thinking enterprises where you can find numerous employment opportunities. Recent IT Online DevOps Training helps the aspirants to master all kinds of skills that are needed to build, measure, operate monitor and measure the various processes in IT enterprises by effective implementation of development and operations.

About The Recent IT DevOps with AWS Training Program

Recent IT delivers an excellent platform for both beginners & working professionals to secure a career in their desired platforms. This advanced DevOps with AWS training program presents a wonderful opportunity for the web development career enthusiasts to build complete job oriented knowledge & be career ready by the time of their course completion.

As part DevOps with AWS training we will be covering below concepts

Unit-1: Why DevOps

Unit-2: DevOps Life Cycle

Unit-3: Agile & Scrum

Unit-4: Linux Introduction & Setup

Unit-5: Working with Linux OS

Unit-6: Shell Scripting

Unit-7: Git Version Control

Unit-8: Maven Build Tool

Unit-9: Jenkins (CI & CD)

Unit-10: CHEF (Config Management)

Unit-11: Ansible

Unit-12: Vagrant

Unit-13: Dockers (Containerization)

Unit-14: Kubernetes

Unit-15: Introduction to Cloud Computing

Unit-16: Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Unit-18: Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Unit-19: Regions and Zones

Unit-20: Amazon Machine Images (AMI)

Unit-21: Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)

Unit-22: Load Balancing (ELB) & Auto Scaling

Unit-23: Network & Security

Unit-24: Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Unit-25: Security & Identity Services (IAM)

Unit-26: Storage & Content Delivery Services (S3)

Unit-27: Database Services

Unit-28: Amazon Cloud Watch

Unit-29: Cloud Formation

Unit-30: Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Unit-31: Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Unit-32: Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Unit-33: Terra form

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