Core Java and Advance Java

Core Java refers to the fundamental and basic components of the Java programming language. It encompasses the essential concepts, libraries, and features provided by Java that are necessary to develop general-purpose applications.

Advanced Java refers to the advanced features and technologies built on top of the Core Java foundation. It extends the capabilities of Core Java by providing additional libraries, frameworks, and APIs to develop more complex and specialized applications. Advanced Java encompasses a range of topics and technologies that are commonly used in enterprise-level development. Here are some key aspects of Advanced Java

Core Java

              ·         Java   Applets / Event Handling

           ·         JDBC OBC Connectivity

           ·         Swings /Components

           ·         Jsp-Auction Elements

           ·         Hit Counter

           ·         Scriptlet Tag

           ·         JSP with Servlet

           ·         Discription  Tag

           ·         Custom Tag

           ·         Xmi Attributes

           ·         JSP with Insert

           ·          Update Delete

           ·         Scripting Elements

           ·         Directive Elements

           ·         Session, Cookies

           ·         Http Request, Http Response

           ·         Implicit Object

           ·         Servlet and Servlet Management

           ·         Mini Project


 Advance Java

          ·         Introducing of Java Programming

          ·         Java Variable

          ·         Object Oriented Programming System

          ·         Static Class in Java

          ·         Interface and Package in Java

         ·         Array and String in Java

         ·         Threading and Stream Classes in Java

         ·         Exception Handling in Java

         ·         Collection in Java

         ·         Introduction of Applet

         ·         Swing in Java

         ·         JSP(Java Server Page)

         ·         JDBC(Java Database connectivity) in Java

         ·         JSP Tags and Directives

         ·         JSp Xml Data and JavaBean

         ·         Introduction to Servlet



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